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SMSA Background

Sheffield Malaysian Students’ Association, famously known as SMSA is a Malaysian society registered under The University of Sheffield Students’ Union and Education Malaysia. Representing Malaysian students in Sheffield with about 200 registered members, SMSA stands with a solid aim to provide a platform for students to develop leadership and networking skills while enhancing their soft skills potential. Also, SMSA has come up with a new aim, which is to rejuvenate the bond between the Board of Committees and the members as an organisation that helps Malaysian students in Sheffield to feel like home. 

With currently over 200 active members, SMSA serves as an integrated platform representing the collective interests of more than 1,000 Malaysian population in Sheffield. As it is one of the biggest Malaysian societies in the UK recognised by the University of Sheffield, Education Malaysia and UKEC, it caters more than 30 events per year in various fields including sports, charity, and personal development program. Ever since SMSA was established in the year 1987, SMSA has been known with its 3 main Flagship Events, which are Sheffield Malaysian Games (SMG), Nasheed Extravaganza (NEXT) and Skills & Career for Youth (SKY). Driven by our vision and missions, our Board of Committees always seek ways to gain more than what we have accomplished, therefore we are planning to do many exciting events in the future to expand the field of opportunity for our students and members towards excellence.

Our Mission

  • To represent Malaysian identity, parallel with our role as a mini Malaysian ambassador in Sheffield.
  • To uphold a good relationship among the Malaysian community in Sheffield regardless of age, race and faith.
  • To sustain the relationship between the Board of Committees and the members as a society which practises democracy to run the society.
  • To provide a platform for the members to develop soft skills and networking skills, as well as nurturing and practising exemplary behaviour.

Our Vission

Sheffield Malaysian Students’ Association as a professional and united society consist of a group of competent Malaysian students expanding their opportunities.

SMSA Constitution

SMSA Committee 2019/2020

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Awards & Achievements

Here are some of the awards that we have received from numbers of events that SMSA joined in last terms. In proposing to unlock greater achievements in the future, we believe that your support can help us to secure many more awards in next term, bringing SMSA as one of the fame and excellent Malaysian Society in the UK.

  • Malaysian Society of The Year by UKEC 
  • Cultural and National Society of The year 2016, 2018 by University’s Student Union
  • People’s Choice Award for World Food Festival 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018
  • Second Place for International Cultural Evening 2016 (ICE)
  • Host for Projek Amanat Negara (PAN XV) 2018
  • Best Dish for World Food Festival 2017
  • Best Overall for World Food Festival 2017
  • Runner up for International Cultural Evening (ICE)

SMSA Events

SMSA has committed in bringing all types of events and activities to its members and students from sports to health to spiritual events. Our biggest and significant events are Sheffield Malaysian Games (SMG), Nasheed Extravaganza (NEXT) and Skills and Career for youth (SKY). 

These are other events that we hold every year:


  • Badminton Handicapped Tournament
  • WIN Cup
  • Mental Health Talk
  • Hiking activities with Sheffield Fresher


  • Career Empowerment Day
  • Networking Events
  • Annual General Meeting


  • Week of Islamic Nurturing (WIN)
  • Islamic Circle
  • Iftar Jamaie and Hajat Prayer
  • Majlis Ilmu Sheffield (MiSheff)


  • World Food Festival
  • ASEAN Week


  • Lailatunnusa’
  • Sister’s Talk


  • Backyard Sale
  • Sharing the Kindness
  • SMSA Heroes


  • Fresher’s Party
  • Thank you Party
  • Annual Grand Dinner
  • Final Year BBQ Party
  • SMSA Bloom
  • Orientation Day

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